Olivia Atkinson and David Gunning are hands-on Directors with many years of
combined experience in property transactions and property management, and
possess a strong desire to turn your investment property, be it a residential
nest egg or a commercial holding, into a high yield, blue-chip return you will
be proud to own!
Olivia and David bring decades of experience, vitality, and passion for the
real estate industry and work closely with their team members, owners,
tenants and maintenance providers to ensure that EIS delivers and maintains
a premium service exceeding expectations.
EIS are committed to employing specialists in property management, who
not only have experience, they also have outstanding people skills and will
embrace the day to day challenges of property management to go the extra
mile for their clients.
The EIS distinction in having a great Portfolio Manager, with proven results,
means that you as the client know you are going to receive;

• Superior tenant selection

• Exceptionally low rental arrears

• Low vacancy rates

• Professional practical advice

• Hassle-free management

• Up to date rental assessments

• Skilled promotion of vacant properties

• A secure financial future for your investment

• Funds disbursed to you each week